Heroic Amelie, five, comes to seriously ill mum’s rescue in Worthing

Lorraine Citrone is proud of her daughter Amelie after she called for help when she was taken ill W11804h12
Lorraine Citrone is proud of her daughter Amelie after she called for help when she was taken ill W11804h12

WHEN an emergency happens, even the toughest of adults can struggle to remain calm.

So, Lorraine Citrone was “amazed” when her five-year-old daughter Amelie took charge of the situation when the mum-of-two became seriously ill on a shopping trip in Worthing.

While in Montague Street, Lorraine, 35, who has gallstones, suffered a very bad “attack” and had to rush into the toilet of Caffé Pitti along with Amelie and four-month-old son Harrison.

She said: “The pain gets so immense I can’t speak and breathe properly. I was being sick and was very unwell.

“My little girl took my phone and managed to call her nanny, and her daddy, and told them something like ‘quickly, it’s an emergency, mummy is very ill’. Then, she told them that we were in the café opposite Early Learning Centre.”

Amelie, a reception pupil at The Globe Primary School in Irene Avenue, Lancing, also went to tell café staff what had happened to her mum and helped to look after her little brother until her nan, Audrey Weston, arrived.

Lorraine, of Monks Avenue, Lancing, added: “It’s just amazing, because I find my phone hard to use, but she said she just pressed the picture of her daddy and nanny and then the green button. I wasn’t fully aware of what was happening, but I remember her telling me to breathe and that I would be ok. Lots of children wouldn’t have known where we were or what to do, so I was just amazed by her. It must have been very scary for her, but she was so calm.

“I’m not a pushy parent, but I’m just so proud of her, because she’s only just turned five. If that had happened to me at that age and I had seen my mum so unwell I would have been in tears, but she didn’t cry at all.”

Café staff called an ambulance and Lorriane was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder. She is now recovering at home, but said she is incredibly grateful to have such a clever daughter.

She also praised the staff at Caffé Pitti, especially Desislava Todorova and JoJo O’Brien who helped her.

Manager Colin Bensley said: “We are here to serve the community, whether it’s tea or helping somebody in need.”