Hope for Sompting rat-run solution as traffic order is considered

Residents campaigning for a fix to the rat-run issue in 2016
Residents campaigning for a fix to the rat-run issue in 2016

An answer to the decades-old problem of ‘nightmare’ traffic in Sompting could be within reach.

Councillor George Barton met with Bob Lanzer, cabinet member for highways and infrastructure at West Sussex County Council, on Friday (November 24) and took him to see the traffic on West Street, Sompting, which is used as a rat run by motorists on the A27.

Mr Lanzer also heard stories about the extent of the problem from residents who came to speak to him at the Gardeners Arms pub.

Mr Barton said was ‘thrilled to bits’ that Mr Lanzer had agreed to meet him and listen to the proposed solution for the street.

He is calling for a temporary traffic order to close Dankton Lane and Church Lane to vehicles from the A27.

Mr Barton said: “At the moment, they pour down there if it’s busy on the A27.

“They then feed onto West Street, which is the major blockage.”

Describing the extent of the problem on West Street, he said: “It’s a nightmare.

“There have been three incidents where ambulances have not been able to get through.

“It becomes solid.

“People become so aggressive.”

Mr Barton is suggesting that the traffic order is trialled for 18 months to see whether it improves the situation.

He said Mr Lanzer had agreed to consider the proposal and would make a decision by the end of December.

Mr Lanzer said: “I was pleased to meet with residents last Friday to understand and consider the concerns that they raised.

“Following this, I will be discussing the issues with local members and highways officers, and examining proposals that have been brought to the county local committee to see what actions might be possible going forward.”