Horrifying experience thrills students

Students at Chatsmore Catholic High School had a horrifying experience last Tuesday '“ and they loved it!

Tuesday, 7th November 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:28 am
Teachers were transformed into witches, wizards and black widows

Year seven at the Worthing school celebrated Hallowe’en with challenges set by the English department.

Teachers transformed themselves into witches, wizards and black widows, and the library was cast under a spell, leaving it covered from wall to ceiling in cobwebs, spiders and floating ghosts.

Claire Martin, subject leader, said: “The doorbell was changed to one of a cackling moan and the lights were off as year seven arrived to a spooky English department.

“Making the KS4 curriculum fun is a driving force in the department.”

Activities included writing a piece entitled Horror on a Plate, a 100-word fiction story to scare the school’s socks off.

Claire added: “Writing could be no longer than the size of a paper plate. At break and lunch, students brought their sinister tales to compete with other year-seven students to win the coveted Spookfest Student 2017 and take home Sid the Skeleton as their very own.”

The winning story was written by James Winton and runner-up Evelyn Starbuck was commended for brevity with words.

James described the day as ‘super fun’ and a great time was had by all.