Hundreds lace their running shoes for Worthing fun run

W05712H12 WH HARRIERS RUN PIC S.G. 28.01.2012''Worthing Harriers Run from the Lido on Sunday t Arun Runners W05712h12
W05712H12 WH HARRIERS RUN PIC S.G. 28.01.2012''Worthing Harriers Run from the Lido on Sunday t Arun Runners W05712h12
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DROVES of people pulled on their running shoes at the weekend for a fun run along Worthing seafront.

A total of 481 adults and 76 children took part in the Lido four-mile fun run on Sunday, organised by the Worthing Harriers.

The event, which takes place every year, was the best turn-out the athletics club had seen for many years, and raised approximately £1,000 for the Worthing Lions charity.

Worthing Harriers chairman Gavin Stephens said: “We are really pleased with the turn-out this year, I think the nice weather was on our side. We think it’s really important to keep this run going, not only is it tradition but it raises money for charity, too.”

The winner of the adult four-mile race was Zippy Grice from the City of Portsmouth Athletic Club, with a time of 21 minutes 20 seconds.

The Grice family also had double the reason to celebrate after Zippy’s daughter, Evie, won her one-mile junior race with a time of five minutes and 49 seconds.

Runner Henry Teague-Smith placed best in the adult race out of the Worthing Harriers, coming fifth with a time of 22 minutes 34 seconds.

Stephens said: “It was a good race for Henry. He’s just recovering from an injury so he’s done really well to place fifth. He’s one of our young, up-and-coming runners – his running career is looking very promising.”

The junior runners from the Worthing Harriers also placed well in their event, with Hannah Binstead taking second place with a time of six minutes exactly, and Georgina Searle placing third with six minutes five seconds.

Second and third place in the adult race were taken by Dan Holder from Horsham Joggers and Chris Bird from Chichester Runners, with times of 21 minutes 29 seconds and 21 minutes 45 seconds respectively.

Results (top 50): Zippy Grice 21-20; Dan Holder 21-29; Chris Bird 21-45; Chris Jack 22-31; Henry Teague-Smith 22-34; Jon Healy 22-37; Susan Scott 22-52; Jack Woods 22-58; James Walker 22-03; Chris Pratt 23-10; Richard Lee-Wrigh 23-26; Del Wallace 22-37; Louise Vallier 23-29; Sarah Kingston 23-55; David Prickett 23-59; Rob Vincent 24-03; Simon Coppard 24-12; Simon James 24-17; Adrian Riley 24-19; Paul Gasson 24-25; Simon Turk 24-25; Ollie Graveson 24-26; Kevin Betts 24-32; Kenny Harding 24-32; Adrian Scott 24-33; Michael Caffyn 24-36; Jason Russell 24-39; Jon Mason 24-44; David Tibballs 24-46; Toby Barker 24-48; Chris Whigby 24-59; Ewan Dunlop 25-02; Adam Staniforth 25-03; Tim Boone 25-04; Nathan Gale 25-05; John Morrey 25-05; Gary Wright 25-07; Andy Stadden 25-14; Emily Proto 25-16; Andy Smith 25-16; Mark Tyler 25-20; Andrew Biggs 25-22; Steve Kavanagh 25-23; Lauren Bourne 25-25; Grant Patterson 25-33; Steven Southwell 25-42; Matt Gallop 25-43; Thomas Caffyn 25-47, Barry Tullett 25-53; Nathan Barker 25-55.

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