Ice rink returns with a new festive market

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MILLIONS flock to Europe’s best Christmas markets each year – but this winter, Worthing residents need not renew their passports.

The ever-popular ice rink will return to Steyne Gardens at the end of the month, accompanied with a 20-hut Christmas market.

The first attraction of its kind in the town is part of businessman Phil Duckett’s festive five-year vision.

“It’s going to be great for the town as time goes on,” he said.

“Steyne Gardens will be the gateway into the town, with all the huts and lights making people stop and look.

“It will start slowly but it will get bigger and better every year.”

Mr Duckett, who purchased the equipment for the covered ice rink last year, hopes to expand the rink by up to 50 per cent.

It will run from Friday, November 28 to Sunday, March 1 – the longest time the rink has been open for in its history.

The market, launched in conjunction with Bartie’s Boutique, will be open on weekends between the time the rink opens and December 21.

Rachel Gilmour, of Bartie’s, said: “The response so far has been really positive and people are very excited about having an actual Christmas market, which will look gorgeous.”

The market will mainly feature high-quality arts and crafts.

For the full story, see the Herald, out Thursday, November 6.