Iconic sci-fi characters show their charitable side

Sci-fi characters invade Sainsbury's at Lyon's Farm
Sci-fi characters invade Sainsbury's at Lyon's Farm

AN eye-­catching Sci-fi costume group has raised £745 for the Worthing charity Buddys.

Around ten costume-clad members of ‘The Iconic Legion’ collected to raise money at Sainsburys Lyons Farm last weekend.

The money raised will go to Buddys Café and Buddys Charity Shop in South Farm Road to provide social activities, outings and work experience for people with learning disabilities.

The Legion’s co­founder, Adam Leishman, said: “We have a really great community feeling in the group. Its a great way to escape reality and raise money for some really great charities.”

Based in the South of England, Iconic Legion cover areas from Brighton to London raising money for different charities, including Dogs Trust, based in Shoreham, and Chestnut Tree House,

Started in 2011 by Mr Leishman and Paul Campbell-Smith, the volunteer costume group has raised more than £35,000 in three years.

With over 50 members, the group features distinctive and striking costumes from a wide selection of genres, ranging from Stormtroopers and Batman to Indiana Jones and beyond.

Advice centre co­ordinator at the charity, Jenny Stead, said: “We are very grateful to the Iconic Legion. They are a really popular group that do great work in the area.”

The Iconic Legion is holding another fundraising event at Toys R Us in Brighton on the February 21 and 22.

For more information, visit the Legion’s website at www.iconic­legion.co.uk or its Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Iconic­Legion