‘Iconic’ Worthing building is saved

Mayfair House
Mayfair House
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AFTER two years and more than two million pounds in cost the redevelopment of the former Mayfair Hotel is complete.

Adrian Marmont, director of the Pure Group, oversaw the project which saw the dilapidated hotel, in Heene Terrace, Worthing, turn into 11 luxury apartments.

Mr Marmont said: “It’s a very iconic building and we wanted to do it justice. It’s been a great achievement.”

The renovation has received approval from the Worthing Society, which aims to preserve architectural amenities in the town.

Tony Malone, vice chairman of the society, said: “We are simply glad it’s been saved. Adrian’s fixed everything against all the odds.

“We have visited the hotel and have been impressed by the quality of work. His craftmanship and attention to detail are to be congratulated.”