Imam pleased with response to Islamic evening at Worthing mosque

Members of the community sit down for a Q&A session
Members of the community sit down for a Q&A session

WORTHING mosque opened it’s doors to the community on Friday night allowing people to experience the Islamic faith.

Around 80-90 people attended the evening including teachers, councillors, police officers and members of the church.

Imam Idris Nawab said: “We were very pleased with how it went.

The mosque is open for anybody, we don’t want it to be something which is secretive especially with the negative attention Islam gets.”

The event included a Q&A session where visitors were encouraged to ask about anything they wanted to. After the discussion everyone ate together.

Jemima Bland, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Worthing East and Shoreham said: “This kind of conversation is very important, because working with the moderate Islamic community is the best way to isolate those few extremists who seek to polarise and divide our country.”

The event came shortly after the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich which put the religion in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Imam Nawab added: “People shouldn’t judge all Muslims on what the extreme members on the fringes of society do. We are proud to be British as well as Muslim. We want to build lasting relationships with the christian community and live in peace.

The Imam said feedback to the event was positive and that those in attendance said the community lacked opportunities which allowed them to speak openly and honestly.