Infuriating fine

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I have just paid a parking fine of £35 for parking outside my house at 7.40am.

I moved my car at 7.41am.

Granted, there was a sign that the bay was suspended for a removal van from 7am to 6pm; my fault for assuming that the “ban” would start at 9am.

I challenged this without success, but I find it unreasonable and infuriating that the car parked behind me, also ticketed, and remaining in there for 24 hours, was fined the same amount.

What is also very annoying is that when we moved in, we also asked and paid for those two bays to be suspended.

Our removal van arrived to find no space to park, but Worthing council refused to reimburse us.

Happy to take the money, not so happy to refund.

Geraldine Blake

Grafton Road