Inspection warnings at nine Worthing care homes

Fernbank residential home in Gratwicke Road
Fernbank residential home in Gratwicke Road

NINE Worthing care homes failed to meet quality standards set out by the Government in their last inspection.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) evaluates each care home on five broad areas: standards of treating people with respect and involving them in their care, standards of providing care, treatment and support which meets people’s needs, standards of caring for people safely and protecting them from harm, standards of staffing and standards of management.

It was found the New Grange care home, in Homefield Road, Elton Lodge, in Selden Road, Fernbank Residential Home, in Gratwicke Road, Baytrees Nursing Home, in Highfield Road, Grasmere Nursing Home, in Manor Road, the Victoria Grand, in Mill Road, Pentlands Nursing Home, in Mill Road, Camelot Nursing and Residential Home, in Tennyson Road, and York Lodge, in York Road, were not meeting the required standards in at least one area.

In particular, the New Grange care home has now been warned by the CQC it must make immediate improvements, after failing to enforce the recommendations set out by the CQC in its inspection in January.

Inspectors found the home could not demonstrate it had taken proper steps to ensure the needs of people living at the home were appropriately assessed, or that care was being planned or delivered in a way which met individual needs.

Inspectors also identified care plans did not always give appropriate guidance on how to deliver care in a way that supported both the individual and the staff. Care plans were also not always followed.


In a statement, the home said: “The manager and staff of the New Grange place the well-being of residents as a priority, and work closely with our disciplinary partners, such as the CQC, to ensure the provision of care is of the highest standard.

“We show zero tolerance to any actions which may adversely affect service users, and this applies in this case.”

However, the majority of the care homes assured the Herald they have carried out the improvements set out by the CQC.

Elton Lodge failed four out of five of the areas in its inspection on April 20, but since then has gone to great lengths to see its improvement.

New manager Tracie Mines, who has been in her position for three weeks, said: “I knew there would be a lot of work to be done when I took this job, but I am glad I did.

“It is a beautiful home, and we have made sure we have put action plans into place to see all the improvements are made, and the CQC has said it is happy with these. We are not frightened of the CQC, we are glad they are there to help us.”

The owner of Baytrees nursing home said the home had received a perfect inspection but had only failed on the grounds the lift was not working that day.

Susan Miele said: “It was unfortunate the lift was not working that day. However, the inspector was satisfied with the rest of the home and we do not believe the care of the residents has been compromised in any way.”

Managers from Fernbank Residential Home, Grasmere Nursing Home, Victoria Grand, Pentlands Nursing Home and Camelot Nursing and Residential Home all assured the Herald the necessary action had been taken to fall in line with Government standards.

Many managers said the issues needed addressing were a matter of paperwork, and they felt the quality of care in their homes had not been affected.

Susan Munro, owner of Camelot Residential and Nursing Home, said: “We are well on the way to making sure all the recommendations are done.

“The main issue was the paperwork, and we have employed someone specifically to deal with it, as it is too much for carers to take on as well.”

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