Is this the luckiest cat in Britain?

A CAT was cruelly thrown out of a train at West Worthing railway station – but, incredibly, survived.

This week, the pet, called Bob, was reunited with its owners, 11 days after being reported missing.

The hero of the day was 16-year-old college student Michael Anderson, of Nutley Drive, who took Bob home before it was reunited with his north Worthing owners.

Michael was on the south platform last Wednesday evening at about 9pm when he saw a Brighton-bound train pulling away from the opposite platform.

"Through the window glass, I saw a guy throw the cat out of the door, which he then shut as the train sped away.

"I went to the north platform via the underpass and saw the cat on the platform. None of the other people there was doing anything about it, so I asked if anyone wanted it.

They didn't, so I took it home," he said.

Michael's family, which already has three cats, looked after Bob before contacting the Cats Protection charity, based in Rowlands Road, Worthing.

Although five-year-old Bob did not have a collar, he had been micro-chipped and it revealed he was the pet of Sue and Ian Rudge, of Oak Close, High Salvington.

Sue said on Tuesday: "I was just thrilled and very pleased to have Bob home again. We have had him since he was a kitten."

Sue said during the last year Bob had been run over by a car and had previously gone missing for a few days before turning up near Swandean Hospital.

To mark Michael's role in the rescue, Bob and the Rudge family sent him a thank-you note and a music token.


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