It makes no sense

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IN the Herald (February 10) it is suggested the Connaught Theatre will be closed or sold and the Pavilion Theatre will be revamped in an extremely expensive scheme involving a revised seating area.

Last year, the Connaught had completely new seating, and it was therefore thought it was to continue safely for some years.

Not only is the Connaught the only real theatre in Worthing, there is no orchestra pit at the Pavilion and the sound system is awful!

And the Assembly Hall was built for orchestral concerts, dances, municipal occasions, etc.

The Field Place “theatre” is an adopted barn – good for small amateur shows and weddings, while the “theatre” at Northbrook College is largely a lecture theatre.

Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find car parking anywhere near to the Pavilion Theatre whereas the car park next to the Connaught Theatre is very convenient.

On a stormy day or night, few would brave the elements to get to the pier!

James Feest

Goring Street