It’s ‘bonjour’ to Continental market

SHOPPERS were treated to something different on Friday, when a French market set up shop in Lancing.

Traders selling everything from pain au chocolat to prawns in garlic made the most of the English weather before heading north in time for Saturday’s shoppers.

Stalls piled high with cheeses, meats, cakes, pastries, chocolates, clothes and gifts lined North Road, as some shoppers tried out their rusty French, only to be greeted in English by the friendly traders.

One man selling confectionary spoke of a decline in business in recent years, because of a lack of money in people’s pockets.

He said business had been ‘a bit quiet’ but said Fridays were always slower than Saturdays.

The market was not exactly packed when the Herald arrived, mid-afternoon, but traders and the shoppers who had turned out seemed in buoyant moods nonetheless.

Photographer Gary Levett, who took these pictures, said it was a ‘really enjoyable French experience and one to look forward to again the next time it visits Lancing’.

“The smell of the ‘garlic prawnies’ wafting down the street brought out the punters eager to sample the hot snacks and stock up on ham, sausage, cheese and pastries,” said Gary.

“The man at the French pastry stall was so animated I was expecting to bump into the cast from ’Allo ’Allo! at any moment.”

Lancing Regeneration’s Frances Smith said she thought the market was great for Lancing.

“It brought new people into the village, which is always a good thing,” said Frances.

“I think the footfall was down due to the weather, but I hope the stall holders thought it was enough to make them want to come back next year.”

Adur town-centre co-ordiantor David Steadman said the market was quieter than anticipated, partly due to the ‘rather cold and damp weather’.

“It did, however, attract additional visitors to the village on the day and hopefully local businesses did benefit,” he said.

On Friday, April 25, the Italia in Piazzas Real Food Market will visit Lancing.

“Hopefully, they will bring some warm weather and sunshine and an Italian atmosphere,” said Mr Steadman.