Jack Horner cautioned

A GAY pub which was at the centre of a sex show investigation last month has been cautioned by the local licensing authorities.

Thursday, 6th November 2003, 4:35 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:02 am

The police/borough council probe involved the Jack Horner pub in High Street, Worthing, after it held a party to celebrate its fourth birthday.

Entertainment included a male stripper, on whom an explicit sex act was performed by a man.

An image of this was posted on the Jack Horner website and the website images were brought to the Herald's notice by a reader.

Landlord Nick Heryet told the Herald after the party that it had been a private event, not open to the public, and he did not consider what took place to be a "sexual act".

Local police licensing officer Mike Webb said yesterday that he had interviewed Mr Heryet about the event.

"As a result, he has been cautioned," he continued.

"A decision was taken to deal with the matter by way of a caution.

"If the advice is not acted upon, we would look at what action to take if there were a similar occasion in future."

Mr Webb said that he thought Mr Heryet was nave to have put such images on the website "but I think he has realised that now".