Jungle mural will replace giant sandwich

The proposed mural for Feast, in Warwick Street, Worthing
The proposed mural for Feast, in Warwick Street, Worthing

THE owner of a high street sandwich shop has been ordered to take down the giant mural at the front of the building.

Anthony Dickinson has been told by Worthing Borough Council that the 6m high and 3m wide sandwich artwork is detrimental to the historic design, character, integrity and appearance of Feast.

The Warwick Street building has been adorning the large stacked sandwich since January last year.

The design is painted onto the white front of the building and also covers the first and second floor windows which have been boarded over with panels to form part of the mural.

Following a period of negotiation the council’s planning comnmittee agreed last week that that the sandwich must be taken down.

But they also voted for a replacement mural to be painted on the building, by graffiti artist Paul ‘Aroe’ Barlow, who also painted the sandwich.

As part of the plans the boarding currently covering two windows will be removed and a woodland design will be painted.

It is proposed that a 3D effect will be created by cut out sections around the window frames and inside the windows.

Mr Dickinson said after the meeting: “I am absolutely delighted because it means that a mural will remain above the shop and it will still be a really bright image.

“The sandwich has worked really well, not just for the shop but for the town, and it has turned into a bit of a landmark with lots of tourists taking pictures of it.

“The rest of the town is pretty dull and grey and has a bit of a reputation as being full of old people so I think this is a beacon of hope.

“Brighton is colourfula nd vibrant and they do not want to hold back. This is a sign that Worthing might want to do the same thing.

“I think it would be great for other independent shops to be brave and do similar things.”