Korean delegation visit Lancing Parish Council

Korean delegation visiting Lancing Parish Council
Korean delegation visiting Lancing Parish Council

THE elections were not the only political events of significance to take place in Lancing last week.

A delegation representing the Korean government visited Lancing Parish Council to learn more about how local government operates in Europe.

Lancing was the only parish council in the country to be visited, when the high-ranking officials made the special trip on Thursday, May 3, on a day when people were turning out to polling stations to vote.

The representatives were from the presidential committee on local administration reform of Korea.

The 15-strong delegation party was welcomed by the chairman of the parish council, councillor Ann Bridges, and listened to presentations by the clerk of the council, Colin Hunt.

This was followed by a further presentation from the director of Sussex and Surrey Association of Local Councils, Trevor Leggo, on how local government functions at the community level.

Ann Bridges said it had been “such an honour” to host the Korean officials, who had decided to visit Lancing Parish Council after learning about it on the internet.

She said: “They looked us up on the internet and decided we were the right council to visit.

“It was such an honour to have them visit us.”

The delegates, who were all high-ranking officials and represented a number of Korean universities and colleges, were on a fact-finding mission, visiting a number of European countries and looking into how those countries managed local administration.

Clerk Colin Hunt said Lancing was the only parish council to be selected by the Korean Embassy as a “long-established and outstanding example of a local council”.

Mr Hunt added: “The delegation expressed their thanks for the hospitality and information they received, which they found extremely interesting and would take back to their country for closer examination and consideration.”