Lancing and Sompting parish election results

THE results of the Lancing and Sompting parish councils elections have been announced.

The average turnout was 26.4 per cent.

Sompting, Cokeham North: Winners – Bashford, Mear and Wood

Kenneth Bashford (Lab) 160

Stuart Douch (Lib Dem) 60

Doris Martin (Lib Dem) 96

Barry Mear (Lib Dem) 218

Sharon Wood (no party) 145

Sompting, Cokeham South: Winners – Bamber, Buxton and Thornton

David Bamber (UKIP) 212

Martin Butcher (Ind) 122

Callum Buxton (Con) 240

Adeline Garman (no party) 86

Liz Haywood (Lib Dem) 102

Michael Thornton (Lab) 188

Kay Vincent (Lib Dem) 103

John Wales (Lab) 151

Lancing, Manor North: Winners – Butcher and Hedley-Barnes

James Butcher (Con) 322

Stuart Douch (Lib Dem) 174

Stephanie Hedley-Barnes (Con) 244

Lancing, Mash Barn: Winners – Barnes, Haywood, Martin and Petrie

Andrew Barnes (Con) 339

Melvyn Blackband (Con) 267

Liz Haywood (Lib Dem) 305

Jennifer Kelly (Lib Dem) 285

Doris Martin (Lib Dem) 304

Angie Mills (Con) 253

Julie Petrie (Lib Dem) 296

Sompting, Peverel North: Winners – Servante, Smith and Tuffnell

Patricia Allwright (no party) 121

Patricia Izod (Lib Dem) 60

Christopher Servante (no party) 144

Gareth Smith (Con) 189

Colin Tuffnell (no party) 180

Sompting, Peverel South: Winners – Burns, Butcher and Pigott

Joyce Burns (Lab) 146

James Butcher (Con) 240

Paul Hayler (no party) 86

Martin Jones (BNP) 52

Steve Martin (Lib Dem) 79

Julie Petrie (Lib Dem) 76

Nicholas Pigott (Con) 211

Lancing, Churchill: Winners – Buxton, Gavan, Martin and Milton

Callum Buxton (Con) 432

Pam Gavan (Con) 436

Patricia Izod (Lib Dem) 292

Roy Kelly (Lib Dem) 380

Steve Martin (Lib Dem) 387

Alan Milton (Con) 383

Ann Terry (Con) 348

Lancing, Manor South: Winners –Hollington and Turner

Cyril Cannings (Lib Dem) 99

John Hollington (Con) 177

Morgan Nahid (Con) 105

Jean Turner (UKIP) 217

Lancing, Widewater: Winners – Bridges, Lewis and Hamblin

Naira Baboumian (Lib Dem) 388

Ann Bridges (Con) 653

Mary Hamblin (Con) 544

Fred Lewis (Con) 571

Leslie Sampson (Con) 524

Vincent Kay (Con) 450