Lancing charity offers dry suits to young cancer patients

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A FAMILY-RUN charity helping youngsters with cancer is set to be the first one in the country to provide dry suits for sufferers.

The Street family, in Leconfield Road, Lancing, started up the FreddySmile Children’s Cancer Charity in May, after eight-year-old cancer patient Freddy Street went into remission.

Although the Streets’ original aim was to buy a holiday caravan for sick children and their families, their aspirations have shot sky high after extra funding from Sainsbury’s meant they could buy 100 dry suits.

The suits are specially designed so young cancer patients can go in the water with their Hickman line – an intravenous catheter used to administer chemotherapy and other medicine.

Freddy’s mum, Kelly, 32, said: “They look very much like normal dry suits but they are different in the way they are made.

“They are designed so no water whatsoever can get in as that would be a real danger to a child with a Hickman line.

“There is no charity that offers it at all. When we got offered a week’s holiday, when Freddy was ill, we had to decline it as it was swimming with dolphins in America.”

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