Lancing man needs help to fulfil his brother’s dying wish

A MAN is stuck in the UK and unable to travel back to Canada because of a problem with a train.

Neil Hay’s father, Brian Hay, of Climping, died of cancer last year, leaving behind a small, unfinished, locomotive, and a last wish to have it passed down to his oldest son in a working order.

Neil, 46, and his 76-year-old uncle Barrie Hay, of Ladydell Road, Worthing, have made it their mission to finish the work that Brian started four years ago.

Neil and Barrie have got in contact with people before, in a hope that they have the technical skills to build the steam engine, but to no avail.

Neil said the boiler had been certificated, which is one of the trickier parts, and it pressurises fine.

Barrie and Neil are willing to pay towards the cost of finishing the ride-on steam engine, which Neil said is as intricate as a full-size locomotive.

To help Barrie and Neil finish the steam engine, contact Barrie on, or call him on 01903 217 196