Lancing regeneration moves closer

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LANCING has been neglected and has fallen behind its neighbours – those are the words of a group determined to regenerate the village.

But regeneration for Lancing is one step closer after an e-petition with 2,000 signatures was presented to Adur District Council – the first time an e-petition had been presented to the council.

At a full council meeting on Thursday at the Civic Centre, in Ham Road, Shoreham, Frances Smith, chair of Lancing Regeneration Community Committee, spoke to the council and said Lancing had been left behind and was in need of more support.

She said: “There are 2,000 people who are disappointed and disgusted by the way Lancing has been left behind and dumped upon. We are very, very pleased for Shoreham, but it’s quite galling to see £6 million spent on a bridge when we have no toilets on our beach.

“Worthing has been regenerated and Shoreham has been regenerated, but Lancing has been left behind. You’ve let us down.”

In response, Eastbrook councillor and cabinet member for regeneration Jim Funnell said hundreds of businesses in the area had been asked by Adur District Council what they felt needed to be done to develop the area and only 35 responded.

Neil Parkin, leader of Adur District Council, said the council did not have money, and the imminent regeneration of Shoreham footbridge had not come from district funds.

But he welcomed the community’s involvement in trying to regenerate Lancing, saying it would improve the village’s chances of receiving funding.

He added: “Regeneration has happened in Shoreham and it will happen in Lancing. I’m delighted you’re here tonight and are involved in your community.”

Manor ward councillor Stephanie Hedley-Barnes welcomed the contribution made by the regeneration group, saying community participation was needed to push the development of Lancing forwards.

“We’ve positive things that should be celebrated, and I know now we have a community which is galvanised and behind the development of Lancing, because that’s what it needed to make the Mary Portas scheme possible.”

The whole council voted in favour of the proposals outlined in the petition.

Speaking after the meeting, Mary Smith said: “I feel really positive because the council knows we’re not going to go away and we’re going to work for the regeneration of Lancing.”