Lancing residents’ outrage as bulldozer moves in

RESIDENTS have expressed anger and horror after a bulldozer smashed through an overgrown lane exposing gardens.

Homeowners living on the Mash Barn estate claim the first they knew about work to reinstate an access road down the side of their homes in Lancing was when a bulldozer appeared.

The reclaimed access road leads to fields currently being considered as a potential area to build a Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club training ground.

Worried homeowners now fear the council is trying to push through the football ground plans without planning permission – something Adur District Council has strongly denied.

However, this week it was confirmed if the Albion plans do not go ahead the land will be turned into six public football pitches – resulting in the lane being constantly used by cars to access the area.

Daniel Close resident Sean Clark, who lives next to the reclaimed lane, contacted the land registry office to find out who owned the lane, with the reply saying there was no owner.

This week Sean described the situation as “a horror”, adding: “There were a couple of houses where they (the council) have bulldozed fences out of the way, exposing people’s properties.”

This week, Mr Parkin said of the clearance work: “We are re-establishing our right of way down that lane as we have the right of way of that land to our land beyond.”

He said one of the reasons for the work was that some residents had “extended their gardens way beyond what their land is”.

Mr Parkin said negotiations were still on-going with Brighton and Hove Albion, with no price agreed.