Life-saving brothers: 999 award

WH 260714 Worthing Lions Festival, Saturday. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-140728-134326001
WH 260714 Worthing Lions Festival, Saturday. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-140728-134326001

BROTHERS Mark and Michael Dingle have been nominated in the 999 category of the Community Stars awards after they saved the life of a rugby referee who had a heart attack and collapsed during a game.

Richard Short, an experienced referee at Worthing Rugby Club, had been on the pitch for around 20 minutes when he fell down.

Michael Dingle, 16, of Lloyd Goring Close, Angmering was playing. He immediately recognised that something was wrong and reacted quickly by putting Richard into the recovery position.

His older brother Mark, of Worthing Road, East Preston, ran on from the touch line.

Richard had a stent inserted and is recovering well.

Mark and Michael have both been nominated by their brother Chris Dingle.

He said: “Richard had suffered a heart attack and was no longer breathing.

“After calling for his medical kit from his car Mark began performing CPR and then used an automatic external defibrillator to restore Richard’s heart rhythm.

“When ambulance services arrived including the air ambulance, Richard was once again conscious and breathing thanks to the quick actions of Mark and Michael.

“Richard was taken to hospital for urgent treatment at the Royal County Hospital in Brighton.

“Mark is an Emergency Care Support Worker for South East Coast Ambulance Service and has recently married Tina Howlett. Mark is also a director for local security and medical services firm Protak Event Services.

“Michael is just beginning his studies at Worthing College. He is a talented rugby player and basketball player playing at Worthing RFC and Worthing College Rugby Academy and playing in Worthing Thunders under 18 team.

“If Mark had not given CPR and used the AED as quickly as he did, it is highly likely that Richard would not have survived.

“Both brothers’ quick actions undoubtedly saved his life and they ought to be recognised for that.”

Worthing Lions Club has been nominated in the Charity of the Year category by Marian Down.

She said: “The club is made up of men and women from all walks of life who give their time freely to service the people of Worthing and the surrounding area.

“Worthing Lions donate in the region of £20,000 per year to various causes including local charities and individuals such as the disabled or those in need of essential items which they are unable to buy themselves due to a low income.

“The funds are raised by various means such as the charity shop in George V Avenue, car boot sales and Christmas street collections.

“As well as making donations, Worthing Lions Club also stages two enormous events each year which are entirely free to the public.

“The first event is the 2013 Community Stars award-winning seafront festival which gives a whole weekend of free entertainment including a bus rally, Goldwings Light Ride, markets and a variety of displays including fireworks during the last weekend of July each year.

“The second event is the Tide of Light bonfire night extravaganza when children are invited to make lanterns, street entertainment and ending with a magnificent firework display.

“Both these events bring trade to Worthing as well as giving pleasure to the people of the town.”

Nominated in the best friend category is Sue Willie of Goring. Christine Mildenhall said: “Four months ago I lost my mum and I have no family near me so Sue has stepped in and helped me with coping.”