Lions donate nebuliser to hospital

From left, Kate Barnham, Karen Whittingham, Gillian Anderson and Jim Pummell
From left, Kate Barnham, Karen Whittingham, Gillian Anderson and Jim Pummell

A MACHINE vital to asthma patients has been donated to Worthing Hospital by Adur East Lions.

The nebuliser was presented to the respiratory team and follows a donation of six nebulisers made to the hospital by the club back in June 2012.

Lion Susan Saunders said: “The nebuliser came from Asthma Relief and the cost of £160 was borne by Adur East Lions club.

“President Gillian Anderson and vice-president Jim Pummell presented the nebuliser to Kate Barnham and Karen Whittingham in the respiratory ward at Worthing Hospital.”

The nebuliser is a small machine used to deliver asthma medication in a mist form. It does this by vaporising a liquid form of the drug and the mist is then delivered to the patient through a face mask.

A spokesman for the charity Asthma Relief said: “Taking asthma medication in this way may be more effective in an asthma sufferer who is unable to find an inhaler that suits them.

“A nebuliser is also very useful when air entry is very impaired during a severe acute attack of asthma or in chronic respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema, where poor air entry is a major problem.

“Nebulisers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some more portable than others, and can be mains or battery powered.

“Asthma Relief is able to supply and maintain a variety of nebulisers, usually through the respiratory department of hospitals or GP surgeries or in some cases, with the managing doctor’s authorisation, directly to the patient.”

Adur East Lions Club raises money through a variety of events and the funds are then given out in charitable donations to local people and organisations.

Ms Saunders said: “Club members are the ones who decide on the allocation of funds, so if you would like to be involved in an organisation that puts so much back into the local community, then please get in touch by ringing 08458337356, visiting the website or emailing”

The club also has a Facebook page,