Little Lily has a lovely reason for a haircut

Having been blessed with very thick hair, eight-year-old Lily Furness wanted to donate some of it to make wigs for children who are ill.

Saturday, 4th August 2018, 3:51 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:01 pm
Kind-hearted Lily Furness

She contacted the charity Little Princess Trust and then waited six months to ensure she was able to donate at least 30cm of hair, as suggested.

Lily, who lives in Lancing, said: “I have always been extremely lucky to have very thick hair. When I learned that children who are suffering from cancer can lose their hair, it upset me, as I knew I would be very sad if all my hair fell out.

“When I discovered that the Little Princess Trust make and donate free wigs to children with cancer, I contacted them to ask if I could donate my own hair.”

Kaylee Canning at Salon Services in Worthing made plaits measuring 35cm long to donate

Kaylee Canning at Salon Services in Worthing completed the haircut last Monday and made plaits measuring 35cm long to donate.

Sophie Furness, Lily’s mum, said: “All wigs provided to children are free but cost £300 for the charity to make. We set up a JustGiving page to raise £300 to send along with the hair. Lily has now raised more than £1,000.”

After a video of the haircut was posted by Sophie on Instagram, sunglasses designer Peter Boc Milikin from Drawstheeyes made her a pair of bespoke original sunglasses saying ‘hero’.

Sophie added: “He saw her on Instagram and was very touched by her kindness. We would love to say thank you for everyone’s support.”

Peter painted the sunglasses in neon pink with neon rainbow colour on the arms and finished them with Lily’s name on the outer arms, plus a few personal messages on the inside.

He said on Facebook: “Well done Lily, you are an inspiration and enjoy your summer holiday. I think these sunglasses will suit your new hairstyle perfectly.”