Littlehampton boy saves his mum’s life

A Littlehampton boy saved his mum’s life by calling 999 when she collapsed at home with breathing difficulties.

Monday, 1st April 2019, 5:37 pm
Updated Monday, 1st April 2019, 5:41 pm

It was thanks to Sean-Michael Corcoran, 10, that help came quickly and doctors later told dad Simon Packham it was a life-and-death situation.

Michelle Packham had not been well for a while and when she got up to dress her three-year-old daughter Aine, she found she could not get her breath.

“I collapsed in my daughter’s bedroom,” she said.

Sean-Michael Corcoran and his sister Aine with Kirsty Clarkson, left, and ambulance staff at SECAmb's Littlehampton response post

“I was slipping in and out of consciousness.”

Sean-Michael has received a certificate from SECAmb in recognition of his quick thinking and brave actions on the morning of February 2.

He was nine at the time and called Simon first but he was at work and, not thinking it was too serious, told the lad he would have to take charge.

The schoolboy called the ambulance and called Michelle’s friend, who quickly arrived.

Michelle said: “He was able to tell them exactly where we lived and was able to give them the postcode phonetically.

“The paramedics were so impressed. The doctor spoke to my husband afterwards and said had they not got there so quickly, it would have been fatal. He definitely saved my life.

“My daughter was on antibiotics but Sean knew all her doses. He played with her and kept her calm. He is a worrier but he didn’t panic that day. The paramedics couldn’t believe how cool, calm and collected he was.”

Michelle, who now works at White Meadows Primary Academy, was in the ambulance service for ten years and Simon is a police officer, so they have always taught Sean-Michael the importance of knowing his address and how to make an emergency call.

Following the incident, Michelle was invited to give a talk about it at Sean-Michael’s school, St Philip’s Catholic Primary in Arundel, to emphasis to the other children how vital it is.

Kirsty Clarkson, the emergency medical adviser who took Sean-Michael’s call, was so impressed with him, she came down from Gillingham for the award presentation so she could meet him.

She said: “Sean-Michael did a great job, speaking clearing and confirming his postcode. He stayed calm and was very brave.

“He also remembered to let us know about some medication his sister was on. He should be very proud of everything he did.”

Michelle was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to spent a number of weeks recovering at home but said she is now on the mend.

She added: “We’re obviously very proud of Sean-Michael’s actions in getting me the help I needed. He did really well and I’m so grateful he acted so quickly to get me the help I needed.”