Littlehampton woman joins birth mother for ‘bucket list’ skydive after devastating cancer diagnosis within months of first meeting

Pensioner Anne Riney has been given just a few months to live and she is determined to live them to the full.

At the age of 75, she is planning a skydive on Saturday with her daughter-in-law Lesley Riney and daughter Trudy Davies.

Trudy Davies from Littlehampton with her birth mother, Anne Riney

Trudy Davies from Littlehampton with her birth mother, Anne Riney

Trudy, who lives in Littlehampton, was adopted as a baby in 1965 and it was only at the end of last year that she made contact with Anne, her birth mother, and met her for the first time.

Trudy said: “I was very happily reunited with my lovely birth mother Anne. We have recently had the devastating news that Anne has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“Being the amazing, courageous lady she is, at the top of her bucket list is to skydive from 15,000ft. To pledge my total admiration and support for her, and hopefully overcome my fear of heights at the same time, I have decided to take the plunge with her.”

The skydive will be in Honiton, Devon, on Saturday.

Megan Davies, Trudy’s daughter, said: “They decided that if they were going to be mad enough to skydive in the middle of December, they should try and raise some money for a charity of Anne’s choosing.

“Anne chose Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. This was based on the fact that at 75, she has lived a full life and has had the opportunity to experience many of her dreams.

“She wants to help to fulfil a dream for children who may not be as fortunate as she has or those who will suffer serious medical conditions throughout their life.”

Megan went with Trudy for that first meeting with her birth mother and half-brother John Riney.

Megan added: “Since then, Mum and Anne have been enjoying getting to know each other. Sadly, last month we got the devastating news that Anne has been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Rather than wait for it to happen, Anne has made the decision to live those last months to the fullest and is working her way through a bucket list.”

Lesley said the prognosis of a few months came as a huge shock to them all.

Visit to make a donation.

The charity grants wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions.

Granting their wish provides the children with hope, strength and resilience to fight their condition. They can make magical memories to treasure, whatever their future may hold.

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