London’s Strongest Man takes on world

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A WORTHING physiotherapist will appear on TV screens this Christmas as he competes for the title of World’s Strongest Man.

Lloyd Renals, 28, of Tennyson Road, Worthing, started strength training around four years ago and has progressed quickly.

In his first year of competing he was crowned England’s Strongest Man, came second in the UK branch of the competition last year and is now competing against a world class field.

He said: “I won London’s Strongest Man in the summer which was to get to the qualifiers for the World’s Strongest man.

“I was invited to Britain’s Strongest Man and asked if I wanted to be reserve for the main competition in China, then told I was competing.

“It is a big jump up for me but this is the pinnacle of our sport so that is the ultimate aim.”

Mr Renals, who works at Worthing Hospital, trains five days a week for around 12 hours to prepare himself for the brutally difficult events that come hand in hand with Strong Man competitions.

He said: “Fingals Fingers is something that I am worried about because I have never done it before. You have to flip up and over steel ‘fingers’ that range in weight from 220 kilos and 300 kilos.

“There is also the keg toss, squats and the log press which are difficult.

“The groups that you get put in are really tough as the guys all have more experience than me, but it is a great opportunity.

“The thing I like most about competing is that all the guys are really good friends behind the scenes and everyone is willing to help each other.”

Mr Renals said that his job has played a large role in how he has progressed.

He said: “I know how to treat any tweaked muscles that I get which has helped a lot, I know where the limits lie and I know how far I can push myself and also when I have to stop.

“If I get any niggles I can get on top of them straight away.

“My aim now is to go further- I would like to win the UK’s Strongest Man and get to the worlds again and hopefully to come in the top three of my group and try to get to the final. The physical peak for men is 46 so there is time yet.”

World’s Strongest Man is being broadcast on Channel Five every night from 7pm.