Lost cat was living in Worthing rubbish chute for months

Worthing-based animal rescue charity Wadars is appealing for anyone who knows the owner of this cat to come forward so that they be reunited before Christmas.

Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 10:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 10:25 am
Animal charity Wadars wants to get lost cat 'Dusty' home in time for Christmas

Dusty, as she has been nicknamed, was found in a rubbish shed in a block of at flats in Gratwicke Road, Worthing. Residents said the moggy had been avoiding people while eating scraps and living inside a rubbish chute for months before they contacted Wadars to ask for their help in trapping her. Once trapped, the cat was taken along to a local vet for a check-up before being taken into the care of Wadars where she will stay for the time being.

Wadars operations manager Tracy Cadman said; “Dusty is a lovely friendly girl, and has clearly been a much-loved pet. We believe that she’s around about eight years of age, but obviously we can’t tell for sure, so it is possible that she older. She was wearing a hard-plastic flea collar when found, but that had clearly been on her for some time. Obviously our hope is that someone will see the story and recognise the cat as belonging to somebody that they know. Dusty has been living in the rubbish shed for months apparently and if we can find her owners and get her back home for Christmas it would be the perfect end to the story.”

Contact Wadars on 01903 247111.