Lost ring found on Worthing beach by stranger

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A MAN who lost his wedding ring in the sea said it was like a “blessing” when a metal detectorist returned it to him in mint condition.

Sean Brassil, of Tennyson Street, Worthing, and his wife, Sarah, had been trying to forget a “terrible couple of weeks” when they visited the beach together at the bottom of Western Road.

Sean, 35, went for a swim, but when he returned the ring was no longer on his finger, prompting him and Sarah to “comb the beach” for a week to find the lost ring, to no avail.

But it was a chance conversation with metal detectorist Colin Fisher that changed the pair’s fortunes.

Colin was unable to find the ring for the pair but kept Sean’s number and promised to call if he found anything.

A month passed, whenSean received that call from Colin, out of the blue, saying a ring which matched the couple’s description had been found.

Upon seeing it, Sean realised immediately it was the right one, prompting his wife to burst into tears of happiness.

He said: “I was shocked, surprised, and had unbelieveable gratitude that someone would go to that effort to go above and beyond. We almost felt blessed.”