Low government grant for Worthing

WORTHING residents are poor relations when it comes to government funding.

People living in Brighton and Hove get more than twice the amount allocated to citizens living here.

Councillor Paul Yallop, leader of Worthing Borough Council, said: “Earlier this year the government issued a table showing the average funding per head by council.

“For 2011/12, the table shows a combined total for Worthing and West Sussex County Councils of £204.65 per head.

“Of the 324 councils listed, only 27 receive less than Worthing.

“When we look a little further along the south coast we find Brighton and Hove City Council will receive £452.23 per head – well over twice as much!”

Mr Yallop revealed the figures in his annual budget speech and announced that council tax demands for 2011-12 would be the same as last year.

On council job cuts, he said: “While a significant number of jobs have been lost, the cabinet’s decision to freeze vacancies last summer has allowed us to delete 50 posts with a further 20 under review.

“In terms of headcount, over the past 12-18 months we have seen a headcount reduction across Adur and Worthing of about 100. “While this is subject to some seasonal variation. it represents approximately 8-9 per cent reduction in the workforce.

“All of which means that we haven’t yet needed to embark on a compulsory redundancy programme.”