Low parking charges are popular with shoppers

Sharon Clarke'D14491678a
Sharon Clarke'D14491678a

FOOTFALL in Worthing’s town centre is continuing to rise thanks to reduced parking rates, according to the town centre initiative manager.

Sharon Clarke told the Herald that since October there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people visiting the town centre.

Twelve per cent more people visited the town in October compared with the previous year, November saw a two-and-a-half per cent increase, December a nine per cent increase and January witnessed a five per cent increase.

Mrs Clarke said: “When I used to have conversations with people in the town, the only topic was parking. They felt ripped off and that it was unfair.

“It doesn’t get mentioned now, which tells me they are content. Parking is not the issue it used to be and people feel £1-an-hour is reasonable.”

Town centre vacancy rates are currently under five per cent. Mrs Clarke said the low parking fees had had a knock-on effect.