Mayor of Worthing to step down from politics

Ann Barlow
Ann Barlow

THE mayor of Worthing has announced she will be stepping down from local politics after she has finished her term in the ceremonial post.

Ann Barlow has said she has “absolutely loved” being the mayor of Worthing during the past year, but is looking to take a break after she steps down from the role in May.

Mrs Barlow has been a councillor on Worthing Borough Council, serving the Gaisford ward, for eight years.

She said: “I have loved every minute of being a councillor, and even more so being the mayor. It has been fantastic meeting the people of Worthing and seeing all the wonderful things they do. However, I feel it is now time for me to take a step back and recharge my batteries.”

Mrs Barlow said she will be spending her new free time with her family.

“I have two children who are in the final year of their GCSEs, and I want to be there to support them, because it’s a big time for them,” she said. “During the past year, I have given so much time to the town, which I have loved, but over the next few months I will be investing more time in my family.”

Mrs Barlow may not be stepping down from politics for good. She said: “I have had a few offers, including standing for West Sussex County Council, and even representing our area at a national level for 2015, but I haven’t said yes to either of these things yet. It’s nice to be considered for such positions, and I will give them some thought, but I can’t promise anything.”

Mrs Barlow added: “Later on in the year I will be also be giving talks on mayoralty and will be attending events as a past mayor, so people will still see me around – you can’t get rid of me that easily!”