Mayor thanks mental-health week hero

Carol Barber, Bob Smytherman and Allie Beddard
Carol Barber, Bob Smytherman and Allie Beddard

WORTHING Mayor Bob Smytherman held a special celebration in honour of Carol Barber, organiser of Worthing Mental Health Awareness Week, on Wednesday.

Carol was the driving force behind the week, which was held to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide support to those who needed it.

Mr Smytherman said: “It was a lovely celebration to thank Carol, who pretty much single-handedly organised the event.

“It was nice as Mayor to be able to recognise that in a small way with a certificate of achievement.”

Carol said: “I was really taken aback and just so surprised.”

Web designer Allie Beddard of Cre8tive Solutions presented Carol with her own website to promote the event.

Carol said: “I would like to carry on having links with those groups that participated when the website is running, and keep mental health awareness in people’s minds all year round.”

“I think it was amazing that so many people gave up their time to support an event like this.

“It gave a chance for different groups to meet that had never met before, and find they had a lot of common ground.”

Allie said: “It’s something I feel passionate about myself as I’m a full-time carer for my mum who has Alzheimer’s.

“My passion is helping people and to be able to help Carol who has done so much is a fantastic feeling.”