Mayor urges people to attend Durrington development exhibition

ks1500094-3 Wor New Mayor  phot kate'The new Mayor of Worthing Michael Donin.ks1500094-3 SUS-150522-193509008
ks1500094-3 Wor New Mayor phot kate'The new Mayor of Worthing Michael Donin.ks1500094-3 SUS-150522-193509008

As residents are being asked to attend a public exhibition to see plans for 300 new homes in West Durrington, the mayor said it was not too late for people to have a say.

The West Durrington Consortium is to consult on outline plans for around 300 new homes on the West Durrington Northern Sector site this month.

The site, which is south of the A27 and west of Adur Avenue, has been identified for future review in the Core Strategy and was noted at the 2011 public exhibition as an anticipated development extension of the present development phase now under construction.

A public exhibition will take place in St Symphonian’s Church, Durrington Hill, Worthing on Wednesday October 7, between 2pm and 7.30pm.

Worthing mayor Michael Donin said although the development will go ahead, people can still have their input.

He said: “It’s about the people who will be living there and the people in the community.

“If we can’t stop things, we can at least try and control things.”

The local community will have the opportunity to view and comment on the outline proposals, which look to establish the principle of development on the site and its access, at this stage.

However, UKIP councillor Susan Jelliss for Durrington said there will be nothing to learn from the exhibition.

She said: “We need houses that’s understandable, but I think we’re going about things the wrong way and too many green field sites are being taken when there are so many empty properties.

“I don’t think we’ll learn anything, it’s all going ahead anyway.”

Representatives from the development team will be present on the day to explain the proposals and answer any questions.

Mrs Jelliss continued: “I’ve lived here since 1984 and it’s something I’m quite passionate about.

“It’s just building houses without the thought behind it.

“We need to stop crowding the countryside with people. The problem I have is the lack of infrastructure.

“Traffic problems are going to be exacerbated by this terribly. The congestion is going to be so bad, it’s going to be gridlocked.”

A spokesperson for the West Durrington Consortium said: “We look forward to meeting with the local community and consulting on our outline plans for the development of this site which follows on from the current phase now in progress providing new homes, school land, community building, open space, play areas and allotments.”

Mr Donin added: “I’d like to see exactly what their plans are. The only thing for sure is that the development is going ahead.”

The West Durrington Consortium is operating a freephone information line service, on 0800 112 3540, to respond to community enquiries and will be publishing a dedicated project website with the new proposal after the exhibition on October 8.

Those people unable to attend the exhibition, or who simply wish to review the information they have already seen, will be able to visit the website, view the proposals and leave online feedback for consideration.