Meet the siblings who lived in Worthing Town Hall

Liz Armstrong and her brother Tom Soloman lived at Worthing Town Hall W11676h12
Liz Armstrong and her brother Tom Soloman lived at Worthing Town Hall W11676h12

MOST children could only dream of having Worthing Town Hall, with its vast amount of space to run around in, as their playground.

But for Liz Armstrong and Tom Solomon, it was home for more than 20 years, as their parents lived in the old superintendent’s flat on the top floor of the building while they were growing up.

On Saturday, March 10, the brother and sister returned to the Town Hall for the first time since their parents retired and moved out in 1972, for a special tour organised by council staff.

Liz, 69, said: “It was great living here. What an absolutely fabulous house to live in for a child.

“I have so many fond memories, such as sliding down the bannisters, and trying to scare the night watchman by creeping downstairs in the middle of the night and banging on his office door and running away again.

“And in 1962, I was also the first person to have my wedding reception here in the council suite.”

Liz wrote to the council and asked if she could bring her family along to the Town Hall for a “sentimental journey”, because she turns 70 next month.

As well as brother Tom, 64, she was joined by new partner Philip Little, as her husband Robert, with whom she had her wedding reception at the town hall, died in 2000. Also there was Tom’s partner Eileen, Liz’s daughter Amanda and her two children, and Liz’s son Alex. They were also joined by deputy mayor Charles James.

For the full story, see the March 15 edition of the Worthing Herald, out now.