Memorabilia stored by bins ‘disgusts’ mourners

Removed memorabilia is currently being stored within the site's bin compound
Removed memorabilia is currently being stored within the site's bin compound

THE decision to store memorabilia removed from plots in Worthing Crematorium in a bin compound has ‘disgusted’ mourners.

Following complaints that the amount of memorabilia left at the crematorium was unsightly, the items were removed and stored for mourners to collect.

Sheila Howell, 50, of Pennycress Avenue, Durrington, often visits the crematorium to pay her respects to five of her relatives.

She said: “I have driven past where they are keeping them in the carpark by the rubbish bins, which I think is disgusting.

“There’s some outside the sheds, anyone could take them. It’s disgraceful to be honest.”

She said her family were ‘all over the country’ and wanted items left that they could see when they visit instead of ‘flowers that are left to die’.

Councillor Clive Roberts visited Worthing Crematorium on Tuesday and acknowledged that memorabilia was being stored ‘within the bin compound’.

He said: “It wasn’t there because it was about to be thrown away but it was a bit insensitive.

“I have ordered immediately for it to be removed. It will be moved to the other end of the carpark by the weekend.”

An online petition has been launched on Facebook against the decision to remove memorabilia from the crematorium.

At the time of going to press it had been ‘liked’ by 437 people.

Members of the public reacted angrily when photos were posted of the removed memorabilia being stored next to large green bins.

Tracy Cozens wrote: “This is disgusting! How can they be so heartless?” While Jay Porter said: “This is just sick!”

Photos also showed damage to the ground where memorabilia had once been as well as uncleared debris.

“I would have thought they would have put everything straight. I thought they would have re-patched it so it didn’t look so bad,” said Mrs Howell.