Men posing as police officers target homes in Findon

Residents are being urged to be vigilant after the group visited at homes on Tuesday.

The men visited one house shortly before 6.30pm but the woman inside refused to answer her door.

She asked the men who they were and they said they were police officers.

One of them also went to the back of the woman’s property but were not let in.

The same group of men also visited at least one other home nearby where they claimed to be working for a double-glazing firm.

A police spokesman said: “In this case the resident did exactly the right thing by refusing to open her door to the men.

“Police officers who visit your home will have no problem showing you identification before you open your door to them.

“If you are in any way suspicious about callers do not open your door to them. If they claim to be police officers but refuse to show you identification please call 999 immediately.”

Anyone with information about the incidents in Findon should call 101 quoting serial 1196 of 12 November or email