Mixed development in Titnore Lane is given green light

An artist's impression of how the St Barnabas Care Lodge might look
An artist's impression of how the St Barnabas Care Lodge might look

PLANS to build new homes and a care lodge for St Barnabas Hospice have been given planning permission, despite fears of possible flooding in the future.

The scheme involves the construction of 38 new homes, with internal access roads, parking and landscaping, on a site in lower Northbrook Farm, in Titnore Lane.

As part of the proposals, which were approved by the Worthing’s planning committee on Wednesday, April 10, land has been gifted to St Barnabas House to build a new care lodge.

The care lodge will aim to cater for the hospice’s soaring number of day centre visitors, which deputy chief executive Jeremy Cox said was up 129 per cent from two years ago.

Making the case for the plans to be given planning permission, he said: “Life expectancy is increasing, we are living longer and that brings in the need for additional care.

“There are many people who need our services, not just people who need cancer care.

“The lodge would be for people who can’t die at home but don’t need intensive care.”

Plans for the site were given approval, but councillors flagged up the future dangers of flooding on the site.

The homes will be built on an unadopted road, meaning West Sussex County Council will not be responsible for its maintenance.

Several councillors pointed to examples of unadopted roads in Worthing and Adur where drainage had failed and residents had been left with flooding they were responsible for dealing with.

James Appleton, executive head of planning, regeneration and well-being, for Adur and Worthing councils, said the developer had tried to get the road adopted by the county council, but the council would not take it on.

A managing company, consisting of Northbrook College, Caffyns and Guildcare has been set up to deal with residents’ problems as they may arise, but councillors said it would have been preferable for the roads to be adopted.

Councillor Michael Donin said: “In principle, I think it’s a great project. I support St Barnabas and it’s certainly going to enhance the area, but the flooding remains a major concern.”

It is not yet known when construction work for the site will begin.