Moon halo phenomenon captured on camera

The rare effect was captured across the county
The rare effect was captured across the county

THE moon was spotted surrounded by a halo over Worthing on Monday night.

Various photographers captured shots of the spectacular view and experts offered insight regarding the nature of the phenomenon.

Steve Bassett, of Worthing Skywatchers, said: “When we see a halo around the moon it’s telling us there is a particular type of cloud very high up in the atmosphere, made up of millions of tiny ice crystals. The light from the moon is reflecting off the crystals. I’ve seen it a few times before. They are not super rare, perhaps two or three a year but they are more common during the winter months.”

Graham Boots, of the Worthing Astronomical Society, said:‘’It happens because of the angle of the moonlight going through ice crystals, and it forms a circle that’s 22 and a half degrees in radius. You can’t predict when it will happen. In the Arctic, they’re quite frequently seen because it’s so cold and you get other lighting effects in the Arctic much more frequently than here. The strangest one I’ve ever seen is an upside down rainbow. which again is caused by the angle of light and I’ve only seen it once in my lifetime, in the back garden with my wife.”