Mosque raises £7K during Ramadhan

Members of Worthing Mosque
Members of Worthing Mosque

THE congregation at Worthing Mosque raised £7,800 last month for charities in Palestine, Syria, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Muslims were celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan in which they abstain from food and drink during daylight hours.

The young people of the congregation at Worthing Mosque used the month to drive a campaign to provide food to the homeless people of Worthing.

The collection was then delivered to Worthing Churches Homeless Project by Lamyaa Khamlichi, Bilal Hasan and Ali Rahman.

Members of the mosque also attended two hostels run the charity, at Byron Road and Selden Road to provide an evening meal to the residents.

Lamyaa said: “Members of the mosque were encouraged to donate generously through a series of posters and awareness-raising.

“Muslims are encouraged to help others and give to charity as part of their faith.

“In addition to the work done alongside Worthing Churches Homeless Project, Worthing Mosque also made cash collections after every Friday prayers, which raised £7,800.”