Mum’s fears of raising toddler in mouldy Worthing flat

Rachel Moors with her son Cameron in their mouldy flat
Rachel Moors with her son Cameron in their mouldy flat

A mother has spoken of her concern at bringing up a toddler in a mouldy, drafty flat that was “infested with bed bugs”.

Rachel Moors moved into her two-bedroom flat in Richmond Road, Worthing, in the summer of 2011.

But it was during her first Christmas there with son Cameron, who is now two, that problems in the flat began.

She said with no central heating and inadequate electric heaters that emitted a “vile” smell, the flat quickly became mouldy, after which Cameron became ill with chest infections.

Since then, most of the flat’s problems have become worse and have not been properly fixed, Rachel added.

Rachel, 19, said she felt she had been “fobbed off” by Touchstone, which manages the flat.

She said: “When I first moved in it had been recently painted, so it was OK. But then mould started growing because the windows were drafty and the flat was damp.

“We also had a burst pipe in the loft that was never properly fixed.

“There were also bed bugs all over my son’s mattress. It was horrible.

“And since then I feel like I’ve been fobbed off.

“I’ll call them and then hear nothing back.

“It makes me feel like not paying my rent, but I know if I do that I’ll be made homeless.”

A Spokesman for Touchstone said: “Touchstone are not the owners of the property, but were appointed to manage the property by the Receivers after the owner breached the terms of their mortgage agreement.

“We therefore inherited this property and its condition through the receivership appointment and have been trying to deal with the issues as they have arisen.

“In this instance we have been trying to deal with a number of the repair issues that have been raised by the tenant and are now actively working with the tenant and the local authority in order to address these issues, and to try to resolve the problems they have encountered.”