National Health Action Party to fight general election once again

Carl Walker
Carl Walker

Fighting for the NHS is even more crucial than at the last general election.

That is the view of National Health Action Party candidate Doctor Carl Walker, who will contest the East Worthing and Shoreham seat for a second consecutive election.

Dr Walker, principal lecturer in psychology at the Universtiy of Brighton, won 2.5 per cent of the vote in 2015.

Announcing his intention to stand again in June, he said: “I am passionately committed both to a public NHS and to challenging those whose contempt for democracy means that they will ignore the needs and desires of their electorate in order to seek profit.

“That’s why I stood in 2015. Now things are very much worse.

Dr Walker claimed mental health services were being reduced to ‘inadequate levels’ and feared other services could follow suit.

“That’s not the NHS I want,” he said.

Prior to his current role, the doctor was chairman of the European Community Psychology Association taskforce on austerity and mental health.

He played a key role in the campaign to stop the NHS musculoskeletal services contract being ‘privatised’ and wrote a book on his own experience of the NHS.

While the health service will be his major campaign focus, he said he was a ‘fierce defender of education and haf a concern for the involvement of mental health professionals in job centres’.