New boardwalk takes shape at Brooklands in Worthing

Renovation work at Brooklands Pleasure Park continues apace. As wildlife and flowers continue to find the park's wetlands a safe haven in the hot summer weather, the environmental management team from Five Rivers Environmental Contracting has returned to work on the new boardwalk.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 2:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 3:19 pm
Work to install the new boardwalk at the Brooklands Pleasure Park lake in East Worthing

Built on an oak base and with a decking made of highly durable recycled plastic, it will wind its way up the western side of the lake.

Ben Sharp, environmental site manager for Five Rivers, said: “All credit to the council for using this recycled material. I’d not seen it before and it’s very tough and quite impressive.

“The great advantage of the boardwalk is that you are actually on the water which brings you much closer to the wonderful flora and fauna in and around the edges of the lake.”

Councillor Edward Crouch with Ben Sharp, environmental site manager for Five Rivers, at Brooklands Pleasure Park

The team is also due to install a floating raft for nesting terns and a floating island for wildlife on the lake, with work expected to continue until late August.

The new work and habitats will then be allowed to rest for about six weeks before the fencing around the lake is removed.

Councillor Edward Crouch, Worthing Borough Council’s executive member for digital and environmental services, said: “I am impressed with the pace of the work at Brooklands and excited to see the boardwalk taking shape. It’s really encouraging to see what can be done when the strong community spirit represented by the Friends of Brooklands Park works together with the Council to make things happen.”

The council funded a six-month programme at the East Worthing pleasure park, which has seen the lake drained, tonnes of silt that had accumulated over the years removed, banks rebuilt with new plants and the creation of a new island for wildlife.

The lake at Brooklands Pleasure Park is undegoing major renovation work

In March, workers removing silt from the lake got a shock when they unearthed a fully-grown common snapping turtle.

The Five Rivers team retrieve the creature and made sure they could find a new home for the turtle, which they named Terry.

Mr Sharp said: “We’ve discovered some weird and wonderful things during our work to clear lakes and rivers but never something quite like this.”