New business plan for the future of Worthing’s theatres welcomed

AN improved business plan for the future of Worthing’s theatres has been welcomed.

At a meeting of Worthing Council’s Joint Strategic Committee on Thursday (June 21), members were asked to consider the progress made to the business plan, which is designed to improve theatre services and reduce the subsidy paid by the council.

A report was made by the council’s strategic director, Andrew Gardiner, to detail some of the initiatives which have been introduced since March, when the business plan was first revealed.

On March 27, the committee considered the original plan but criticised its lack of detail, such as cost margins and pay-back for the suggested investments.

It was decided that the theatre’s in-house team together with the council’s executive head of service and the strategic director would work together to update the plan.

The committee was told since the decision was made to retain provision for the theatres by the council, there have been a number of changes implemented.

A meeting of the Theatres Advisory and Support Group, which includes representatives from the Worthing Theatres Trust and Worthing Society, is due to take place to review the final draft of the plan before the committee meets again in July.

The committee agreed to note the report.