New inclusive magazine launched in West Sussex schools

A new magazine has been introduced into West Sussex secondary schools to develop the feeling of community and open up opportunities.

Sunday, 29th July 2018, 9:01 am
Kate Wilson with a copy of Visable Inc, the new magazine. Picture: Sophie Sheinwald

Visable Inc has been produced by The Sand Project, founded by Kate Wilson, and Design Link, founded by Sue Sanders.

Kate, a former teacher, of Brighton Road, Worthing, said the idea was to allow students to get involved and be included, whatever their ability.

Kate said: “I love encouraging others to be creative, especially those that don’t believe they can, because of course they can, better than they realise. And I love making school far more interesting than it usually is.

“I also love sharing great things people have achieved with the rest of the community, particularly those who may not always feel included. It makes us all feel warm and fluffy and, hopefully, boosts confidence and self esteem. Once I put all of this together, Visable Inc was born.”

The first edition was made possible thanks to the support of Stagecoach and Future Proof CIC.

Kate said: “We are delighted to be associated with these companies – Stagecoach, as it provides such great summer travel offers for students and Future Proof because of its amazing work in schools as part of its Go Sketch sport and design project.”

The sample edition was sent to all head teachers across West Sussex and those who have subscribed will receive free copies for their students. The magazine will also be distributed at Find It Out youth service centres and other youth-focused facilities.

The accessible and inclusive magazine is aimed at 11 to 16-year-olds and secondary school students in West Sussex will be able to contribute their own work for publication. The organisations involveed are focused on promoting and creating enterprise and work opportunities in the area.

The first edition of Visable Inc will include features from the well-being team focusing on bereavement, summer fashion and sun safety, as well as school enterprise, recipes, sport and a student book review and interview with young author Juliet Webber.

It will also include links to youth services information and a serial novel, The Wonderlanders by Stan Roark, will be published – the debut book from Invisible Ink Books.

Kate says the hope is for the magazine to change to reflect the interests of their readers and eventually all content will be from the students themselves.

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