New logo to head campaign to save Worthing Theatres

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A NEW logo has been designed to head the campaign to save Worthing Theatres.

The design has been created by 20-year-old Worthing graphic designer, Tom Barnard, who is currently finishing a three-year graphics design course at Falmouth University.

Theatre campaigner, Roy Stannard, said: “The logo works on three levels.

“At first sight, you see an upright figure, an actor, arms aloft, head bowed taking the applause from the audience in front of him or her.

“The waves in front of the figure represent the people in the audience.

“At second viewing you see a ‘T’ figure representing the ‘T’ in theatres and trust.

“The ‘T’ represents a triumphant celebration of all that’s good in the Worthing theatrical tradition.

“At third sight, you see the image of an anchor sitting above the waves in a manner that celebrates Worthing’s seaside town status.”

The logo will be the main brand image for the charitable organisation, Worthing Theatres Trust, which campaigners are forming.

The campaign has also launched its website, which will soon be able to receive online donations and allow people to register their interest and receive updates. To view the trust’s website, visit