New parking layout for Heene Terrace

W38107H13-HeeneTerrace''GV of Heene Terrace, Worthing.
W38107H13-HeeneTerrace''GV of Heene Terrace, Worthing.

SIX parking spaces will be created in Heene Terrace- despite objections from residents.

Planning permission and Listed Building Consent was granted to Adrian Marmont Construction at a meeting of Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee earlier this month.

The company plans to redevelop the parking area off Heene Road as part of the conversion of the former Mayfair Hotel.

This will include planting five new trees and the erection a 1.7 metre high ‘living’ fence to divide the area and provide sound proofing.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Marmont said: “This application is a reflection of the consultation that we had with the neighbours.

“This is an opportunity to upgrade and improve the area and one that is not likely to return as it is liked to the restoration project.”

Four parking spaces will be retained for the office building, and moved to the back of Heene Terrace.

The six new residential spaces will be arranged in two blocks of three angled with a turning space between.

The access road and parking area will be resurfaced in granite sets and block paving, while electric heritage cast iron gates will be installed onto Heene Road.

Fourteen letters of objection were submitted to the council, relating to fears that increased car parking would lead to noise and disturbance, congestion and the blocking of emergency access.

There were also concerns about vehicle lights disturbing residents, particularly when cars are using the turning circle.

The residents said that the spaces were unnecessary and not for their benefit but had been designed to enhance the sale value of the flats.

But Councillor Noel Atkins said: “I am delighted with what I have heard in relation to these plans.”

Councillor Hazel Thorpe added: “This particular development has been good all the way through and this is a fantastic improvement on this area. I give it my whole hearted support.”

The application received unanimous approval as it was considered that it would not significantly harm conditions for the residents of Heene Terrace and that it will enhance the setting and appearance of the Marine Parade and the conservation area.