Noel secures interim payment

W20804H14  Noel Greaves-Lord
W20804H14 Noel Greaves-Lord

NEARLY four years on from his accident Noel is still battling for a financial resolution.

He has just been awarded a £50,000 interim payment after his legal team issued court proceedings in London’s High Court against the insurer of the French rider.

Noel said: “We are getting close to some sort of resolution. There’s a case management hearing in June and then hopefully by the end of the year we will have a settlement or a court case.”

Noel was unable to continue his job as a freelance cameraman following the accident and has had to fund prosthetics – he is getting a new one next month, on-going care and rehabilitation since.

Prior to the most recent payment Noel had secured four previous interim payments of more than £47,000.

He said: “A lot of money we use to purchase legs. I was very fortunate I had an income protection policy.

“That kicked in after six months and the bit of money I got from that meant we could carry on.

“I had a successful business, we were doing all right. I had a massive financial loss but I managed to keep going.”