Number of staff at railway station concern rail user

W45133H13 Vaughan Lilley at Worthing railway station
W45133H13 Vaughan Lilley at Worthing railway station

A REGULAR rail user has voiced concerns over the number of staff working at Worthing railway station.

Vaughan Lilley, of Wenban Road, Worthing, said he cannot buy tickets online as he does not own a computer and often needed to speak to someone for advice at the station only to find no-one on hand.

He added: “I do not want to walk to the station and discover there is no-one there.

Machines have their place and a lot of people can use them and that is great. You can also go online but there is still a steady demand from people like me who do not have a computer and who need suggestions to get the best possible train fares.”

A spokesman from Southern Rail responded: “We’re sorry that this gentleman is finding it difficult to get the ticket he wants at Worthing station.

The ticket office is open between 5.35 am and 10.45 pm, and if help is needed with a ticket machine, staff are available to assist.

“The numbers at Worthing are planned so that there is always someone on hand.”