Objection is raised over Worthing taxi fare rise

WORTHING licensing councillors may have to reconsider its approval of a temporary fuel surcharge on hackney carriage fares.

A request from Worthing Taxi Association to allow its members to impose a 20p flat-rate surcharge was approved at a licensing and control committee’s meeting.

The committee allowed the surcharge until next March, subject to there being no objections. But one objection was subsequently received and unless it is withdrawn, then the committee will have to decide again on the matter when it next meets in September.

Worthing Taxi Association told the committee that petrol and diesel prices had risen by some 17 per cent and 21 per cent respectively in the past two years, bringing the cost of owning and running a car to roughly 56p per mile.

The association said its members “are mindful of the wider economic background and mostly reluctant to ask for a permanent fare increase at this time”.

Worthing’s current maximum hackney carriage fare tariff was set by the committee in June, 2010.